This Article is From Jun 07, 2009

AF 447 Black Box may never be found

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The massive search operations are still looking out for the Black Box of flight AF446 that disappeared over the Atlantic on the 1st of June. It's now official that the debris found in the Atlantic is not from the plane.

The French pilots union says that the theories related to AF 447 so far are not very convincing and that the pilots on board may actually have sent a May Day signal.

Says Julien Gourguechon, international director, French Pilots Union: "Bad weather is an experience of everyday for any pilot...everyone goes into bad weather ...maybe the crew sent May Day or Pan Pan message. If there was no aircraft in that area near from the Airbus 330, then no body was able to hear the distress messages."

But what happened in those final moments may remain a mystery, with no sign of the blackbox or even the debris of flight 447. A top Brazilian air force official has now said the floating objects at the likely site of the crash belonged to a ship.

"It has been verified that these material did not belong to the plane. They were wood pallets that were used by ships and sometimes plane. But in this flight to Paris, there were no wood pallets," says Brigadier Ramon Cardoso.

Aeronautical and aviation experts beginning to ask themselves the quest as to how the black box can be made easier to find in accidents over sea perhaps it could emit signals for longer or simply be replaced by technology that's more reliable.