This Article is From Oct 12, 2015

'Fascist, Desi Taliban': Paint Attack on Sudheendra Kulkarni Slammed

'Fascist, Desi Taliban': Paint Attack on Sudheendra Kulkarni Slammed

Sudheendra Kulkarni has alleged that he was attacked by Shiv Sena activists for organising Ex-Pak minister's book launch

Mumbai: A key organiser of former Pakistan foreign minister Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri's book launch event today alleged that he was attacked by Shiv Sena activists. He said his face was painted black with paint by Sena activists for refusing to cancel Kasuri's book launch in Mumbai.
  • AAP strongly condemns the blackening of face of Sudhindra Kulkarni.The space for open debate is shrinking.This is serious.This is fascism.

    Ashutosh, Aam Aadmi Party Leader

  • I have differed with Sudhindra on many issues in past but I strongly condemn this act and fully support him.This is not done.

    Digvijaya Singh, Congress Leader

  • Mumbai; have lived here for many decades. A city that encapsulates free-spirit, creativity, dreams, reduced to a mindless bigoted trash-can.

    Sanjay Jha, Congress Spokesperson

  • There is no reason to agitate in this manner in a democratic state. Not sure if these are Sainiks.

    Shaina NC, BJP National executive member

  • Pakistankachamcha seems to be the tag for anyone who doesn't want to bomb Pakistan back in to the dark ages.

    National Conference chief Omar Abdullah

  • Black day for Mumbai. Utterly shameful especially for a global city. Shiv Sena vandals in cahoot with BJP

    Milind Deora, Congress MP

  • I strongly condemn whosoever has done this. If you don't like someone or his opinion, showing intolerance is wrong. This is not good for nation. Adopting the path of violence is completely unacceptable

    BJP veteran leader LK Advani