This Article is From Jan 19, 2016

Elephant Menace In Tamil Nadu: Shops Closed, 300 Observe Fast

Elephant Menace In Tamil Nadu: Shops Closed, 300 Observe Fast

Man animal conflict has increased in the past few days in what is considered Asia's largest elephant corridor in Tamil Nadu.

Udhagamandalam, Tamil Nadu: About 300 people observed a one-day fast and some 1,500 shops and business establishments downed their shutters in and around Gudalur seeking immediate release of nine persons who were arrested during a protest, after an elephant killed a man in Tamil Nadu.

The protesters were also seeking a permanent solution to the frequent human-animal conflict, particularly straying of elephants into these areas, situated in what is claimed to be Asia's largest elephant corridor.

A 28-year-old man, Aneesh was trampled to death by an elephant in front of his house at Gudalur on January 14 and later police cane charged villagers who allegedly resisted the cops' attempt to take the body.

The closure of shops in Gudalur, Pandalur, Devala and nearby towns, was to seek the release of those arrested during the cane charge and also to take steps to drive away herd of elephants straying into the villages, creating panic among the villagers, police said.

Meanwhile, about 300 persons, belonging to all political parties, barring AIADMK, and led by DMK legislator, Dravidamani are observing a day-long fast seeking to put an end to frequent human-animal conflict, resulting in loss of lives, police said.