Failure To Protect Interest Of Loyal JD(S) Leaders A "Mistake": HD Deve Gowda

HD Deve Gowda called on leaders and workers to "revitalise" the party that has "lost shine" in the run up to the preparation for the next assembly polls.

Failure To Protect Interest Of Loyal JD(S) Leaders A 'Mistake': HD Deve Gowda

HD Deve Gowda asked party men to point out "failures", "anti-farmer" policies of centre, state (File)


Former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda has admitted that the JD(S)' failure in protecting the interest of its loyal leaders while in power was a "mistake", and it has caused "damage" to the party.

The JD(S) patriarch made this admission as he called on the leaders and workers to "revitalise" the party that has "lost shine", in a year's time, in the run up to the preparation for the next assembly polls that is likely in 2023.

In a letter dated July 14 addressed to loyal party leaders, he also appreciated their work and commitment towards the organisation, despite differences that had emerged over the leadership's decision to join hands with the Congress during the 2019 Lok Sabha polls.

"It has been two-and-half years since the assembly election got over (in 2018), election heat will once again begin in a year from now. Bright future for all those who have worked for the party with commitment, is my desire," Mr Gowda said.

He said, "Unfortunately despite our party being partners in the coalition government and having our own HD Kumaraswamy as the Chief Minister, we failed in protecting your interest, and with a clear heart I accept that it was a mistake. As you lost morale because of it, it has caused damage to the party."

After the 2018 assembly polls the Congress and JD(S) decided to join hands to form a coalition government led by HD Kumaraswamy, to keep BJP, the single largest party out of power.

However, marred by internal differences, rout in 2019 Lok Sabha polls, which both parties fought in alliance, and rebellion from within, the coalition government collapsed in July last year.

Noting that COVID-19 and its induced lockdown have brought political activities to halt, Mr Gowda, said, "As I'm unable to share my thoughts with you personally, I'm writing this letter. There is no certainty about how long the current situation will persist," he said, as he told party men not to sit quietly and asked them to get active in their respective assembly constituencies to ensure that they are in constant touch with the people by organising activities at hobli (village) and gram panchayat level.

He asked them to get active on social media to engage with people as it is not possible to organise public events due to social distancing.

"Organise such programmes that make people feel that you (leaders) and the party are with them during this difficult time of corona," he added.

Mr Gowda also called on party men to point out "failures" and "anti-farmer" policies of central and state governments to the people and highlight the relevance of a secular and regional party like the JD(S).

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