This Article is From Oct 19, 2012

At Enrique concert in Pune, allegations of cop violence

Pune: Some people who were in Pune at the Enrique Inglesias concert were allegedly roughed up by the police. The organisers and the cops have vastly differing versions of why.

The organisers say that on Wednesday night, a senior policeman who had been granted complimentary passes tried to bring in more guests. When he was stopped, he allegedly hit an organiser and a few people working the event with a stick.

"The ACP tried to get 40 people inside the concert venue without valid passes. When I tried to intervene I was slapped by the ACP," Vijay Nair, who was one of the organisers, told NDTV. Mr Nair also says one of his colleagues was injured quite badly and has a ruptured ear drum.  

However, the police say that the organisers of the concert had hired bouncers who were not conducting proper checks at the entry gate which saw a huge rush of guests. The cops objected to this which resulted in an argument with the organisers.

Meanwhile, guests at the entry gate grew impatient with some of them trying to force themselves through the gate. This, the police admit, led them to use force and cane a few people.

The organisers have threatened to release security camera footage to prove that the police is attempting to cover up what really happened. They also say they've filed a complaint and will meet Pune's Police Commissioner tomorrow.