World Sleep Day: Netizens Share Their Secrets To A Good Night's Sleep

March 15 is celebrated as World Sleep Day annually.

World Sleep Day: Netizens Share Their Secrets To A Good Night's Sleep

World Sleep Day: Netizens share the things that help them sleep better.

March 15 is celebrated as World Sleep Day. This annual event is organised by the World Sleep Day Committee of the World Sleep Society. Its aim is to focus attention on the benefits of getting a good night's sleep and the problems that lack of sleep can cause. The benefits of getting adequate rest are well-known. It is widely accepted that getting enough sleep helps reduce stress, strengthens the immune system and of course, puts you in a better mood. On the other hand, lack of sleep has been known to raise the risk of cardiovascular disease and stress levels. Recent studies also suggest that sleep deprivation can even lead to DNA damage, among other issues.

However, getting some shut-eye may not be as simple as it seems. Too much screen time, excessive caffeine, stress,  not enough physical activity and irregular routines are just some of the things that can come between you and a good night's rest. On World Sleep Day, we collected some secrets to getting enough sleep. If you also suffer from lack of sleep, here are some tips from netizens who have revealed what helps them sleep at night. Of course, these should not be taken as a substitute for a qualified medical opinion.

Take a look at these sleeping tips on World Sleep Day:

A bath before bed

Maintain a sleep diary, and figure out what your sleep obstacle is

A weighted blanket, according to some, helps them sleep better

ASMR and white noise found a lot of takers

Many advocated the benefits of exercise

And advised others to cut down on screen time to sleep better

Meditation and music also helped some

While a lot of netizens suggest cutting down on screen time after hitting the bed, others advocate relaxation techniques like ASMR, meditation and soothing music.

Do you have any tips to sleep better that you can share on World Sleep Day? Do share them using the comments section below.


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