Wikipedia Tweets Birthday Message To Twitter. Hilarious Banter Follows

Wikipedia gave Twitter a history lesson on itself on its thirteenth birthday

Wikipedia Tweets Birthday Message To Twitter. Hilarious Banter Follows

Twitter turned 13 on Thursday

It started with Wikipedia notifiying Twitter of its 13th birthday. It finished with the "young rebellious teen" - Twitter - being offered some friendly advice by the self-proclaimed senior netizen, Wikipedia.

"@Twitter was founded on this day 13 years ago," Wikipedia tweeted on Thursday. True to its nature, the free online encyclopedia followed the tweet up with a history lesson of sorts on the microblogging site. "It has been 499 days since we've been able to tweet more than 140 characters," Wikipedia tweeted.  "3,110 days since we've had the Twitter bird logo ... thing," the encyclopedia informed Twitterati, before adding that it has been 1,756 days since the Gotham font was being used in Twitter.

"Only 3,612 days since we first got trending topics?" Wikipedia wrote in its final tweet, before inviting people to learn "all this and more" on their website.

"Love that you know us so well," the microblogging site promptly replied.

"Thirteen years old, @Twitter! You young rebellious teen you. Do you take advice from old fogies like Wikipedia? We could teach you about the mystical "edit button"..." Wikipedia immediately enquired, following the tweet with a screenshot of the 'edit' option on their site.

Jimmy Wales, one of the two founders of Wikipedia also got in on the action. Responding to Twitter's tweet, he simply said "we know everything."

Twitter users were both amused and divided in their reactions to the banter. It was for many an "epic crossover," as a user observed.

Twitter received some support in the form of birthday wishes, while some users told Twitter to stick to not having an 'edit' option. Wikipedia too had fans in its corner. "If Wikipedia doesn't know, then no one knows," a user tweeted.

Some users sided with both the websites. "Awwww my two buddies," one user tweeted. "I love you both," said another.

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