This Article is From Apr 17, 2020

Why A Bakery Customer Spent $1,000 On A Single Doughnut

The customer spent around Rs 76,000 on a single custard doughnut.

Why A Bakery Customer Spent $1,000 On A Single Doughnut

A photo shared by Tremont Goodie Shop on Facebook.

A bakery in Ohio was left stunned when a customer paid $1,000 - or approximately Rs 76,000 - for a single doughnut. Tremont Goodie Shop in Upper Arlington revealed that an old-time patron of their bakery shelled out the astonishing amount in the midst of the coronavirus crisis when many small businesses are struggling to stay afloat and thanked him for his kind gesture. 

Sharing the news on Facebook, Tremont Goodie Shop said that the customer ordered a single custard doughnut and paid $1,000 for it. "We are in tears," they wrote while sharing a photo that appears to show the doughnut in a paper bag with a heart drawn on it. "This is a custard doughnut for $1,000 to help keep us in business. What a blessing."

According to Fox News, the generous customer - who has not been named - had been visiting the bakery "for 40 or 50 years". 

"He called and asked us if he would be able to give us $1,000 for his doughnut," said Emilie Smith, the manager of the family-owned bakery. "I got choked up. He asked again 'would that be ok?' because there was silence on the line."

She said she managed to choke out a "yes, of course, it would be ok!" and that she had never expected this generosity.

The man's act of kindness also touched many on social media.

"That is absolutely amazing! I am so grateful for folks who can do something like that," wrote one person on Facebook. 

"There are are saints out there who love doughnuts," said another.

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