This Article is From Aug 22, 2014

Where Paintings Resemble Photography: This Will Blow Your Mind

Where Paintings Resemble Photography: This Will Blow Your Mind

All Images Courtesy: Gustavo's Instagram profile

Paintings that do not look like paintings, and an artist who is almost surreal. Venezuelan artist Gustavo Silva Nunez belongs to the genre of hyper-realism, which is basically minutely detailed paintings that look like high definition photographs. Paintings posing as pictures, and pretty good ones at that.

These paintings mostly feature women who are underwater and not only can you see every single ripple in the water, you can also spot the shadows of light! In the painting of the man sitting in a tub, every single element of his full body tattoo is visible with startling clarity, and the same goes for the woman who's 'getting a tattoo done.'

These images are brilliant not only because of what they are portraying, but also because of the way they are portrayed:

1. This feels like the artist is painting on a real woman, instead of painting a woman who looks almost real.

hyper 1.jpg

2. A step-by-step demonstration of how Gustavo works his magic, and you have to admit that it's fantastic.

hyper 2.jpg

3. If you didn't know better by now, you would confuse this with a long shot of a woman floating in a pool.

hyper 3.jpg

4. It almost feels like he's looking over the edge of a real pool, with a real woman.

hyper 4.jpg

5. Oh come on, that's a painting as well? How good is this chap?

hyper 5.jpg

6. This one takes the cake and all the extra fondant. It looks like a scene out of an ink shop with the tattoo artist just giving final touches to his art.

hyper 6.jpg

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