This Article is From Aug 27, 2014

When Parents Just Don't Get it: A Father-Son Tech Talk is Ultimate Facepalm

When Parents Just Don't Get it: A Father-Son Tech Talk is Ultimate Facepalm

Courtesy: YouTube

If someone was to make a list of the world's most difficult conversations, talking technology with parents would be a top ranker. 'Beta, how do I post on Facebook?' is now a chat every son or daughter dreads - as much as their parents once dreaded the 'where do babies come from' talk.  

Packed with frustrating and rib-tickling questions, these information sessions are and forever will be truly dreadful. Realise that while on the surface there seems to be just one question, answering a query will lead to a whole army of them. The video below is a case in point.

Conversation 1, that actually leads to many more - Dad wakes up son to ask, "What is Tuter...erm, Twitter?"

The son in the video tries his best to simplify the answer for him, goes to the extent of comparing Twitter with e-mails, and underlines limit of 140 characters. But this father is hard to please, there's just no satisfactory answer.

The unfortunate young man's father goes on to ask him why he hasn't bargained for more Twitter characters from Google. Daddy's tongue-tying logic is - "you are a staffer and hence, should get privileges." (RIGHT! If only the world were that simple). And no, that's not all. He wants to know how one can click a picture of a dish and share it on Twitter without it going cold (ever thought about that?!).

Oh, wait there's more. In fact, watch the video and see if you can answer any of his mind-boggling queries: