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Man Seeks Bride "Not Addicted To Social Media." Good Luck, Says Twitter

"Matchmaking criteria are changing," wrote IAS officer Nitin Sangwan while sharing a picture of the matrimonial ad.

Man Seeks Bride 'Not Addicted To Social Media.' Good Luck, Says Twitter

An ad seeking a bride who is not addicted to social media has left many amused (Representative)

A matrimonial ad seeking a bride who is "not addicted to social media" has created a huge buzz online. While many matrimonial ads in the past have been criticised for being regressive and sexist, this one has gone viral for its rather unusual demand in a day and age where most people use at least one social media platform. 

The ad was placed in a newspaper by a 37-year-old lawyer from West Bengal. A picture of the ad was shared on Twitter this Saturday by IAS officer Nitin Sangwan, who commented on the changing matchmaking criteria of our times while posting it. 

In the ad, the Kamarpukur man seeking a prospective bride states his own age, occupation and place of residence before writing: "With no demand groom seeks fair, beautiful, tall, slim bride. Bride must not be addicted in social media."

"Prospective brides/grooms please pay attention," wrote Mr Sangwan on Twitter while sharing the pic. "Matchmaking criteria are changing," he added.

The tweet has garnered hundreds of 'likes' and comments on the microblogging platform. The ad's demand for a bride not addicted to social media has left netizens in splits, with many wondering how this criteria would be met in a day and age where most people use Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, if not all of them. 

Many Twitter users, in fact, wondered if the whole ad was a joke and dropped amused comments and reactions. Some wished the prospective groom good luck with his unrealistic demand. 

Others also criticised his long list of requirements from the bride after writing "no demands". 

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