This Article is From Nov 03, 2023

Watch: Pre-Wedding Video With 'Meme' Edits Leaves Couple In Splits

An edited wedding video with memes and humour playfully mocking newlyweds creates a viral sensation on the internet.

Watch: Pre-Wedding Video With 'Meme' Edits Leaves Couple In Splits

The video garnered online attention, sparking laughter among its viewers.

A pre-wedding shoot is a photo or video session for couples before their wedding. The couple poses in different places and clothes. These photos and videos are often used for wedding invitations, wedding displays, or as a personal keepsake.

But recently, a pre-wedding video, creatively edited, made its way to the internet. It was played during the wedding ceremony while the couple sat on the stage in front of their guests, and the comical edits had everyone, including the bride and groom, in fits of laughter.

An X handle named Macchu shared the video with a caption that read, "How trolling is acceptable within the known group".

Watch the video here:

The video showcased popular film songs on one side and clips from the pre-wedding shoot on the other, cleverly drawing comparisons to create a fun-filled experience.

"If you are close enough, these kinds of moments will stay with you forever; otherwise, it won't work," commented a user.

"It's hilarious! But kudos to the couple-totally sportive! Otherwise, it easily could have ruined the celebration," wrote another user.

"I really enjoyed the best moments," commented a third user.

The social media user and all the viewers were delighted to see how the couple sportingly embraced the video, even though its primary focus was poking fun at them. Indian weddings are full of entertaining moments, with friends making sure that the couple has a joyous and memorable celebration, even teasing them playfully.

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