This Article is From Jun 09, 2023

Watch: Man Rescues Owl Stuck In A Branch, Moves Internet With His Kindness

A video has gone viral on the internet showing a man rescuing an owl who was stuck in a tree branch.

It doesn't hurt to be kind, especially to animals who aren't equipped with intelligence like humans. Helping those who can't communicate their needs is one of the purest and kindest things we can do as humans. One such video of kindness has gone viral on the internet showing a man rescuing an owl who was stuck in a tree branch.

''Terrified owl was so thankful to the guy who saved his life,'' reads the caption of the video shared by an account B&S.

Watch the video here:

The 54-second clip shows a man coming to the rescue of an owl whose wings were tangled in a wire that was stuck in a tree branch. The man slowly approaches the bird with a net-like thing and makes it sit inside. The rescuer then burns the string with fire as the owl sits patiently inside the net. After the owl is freed, he caresses the bird gently and the two share a sweet moment.

The video has gone viral, and people were left touched by the heartwarming act and thanked the man for helping the bird. Users poured heart and love-struck emojis on the video.

One user said, ''Always be kind to all life! Kindness and Mercy has the highest ROI and there will come a time when you're in need of help, or love ones and friends in need of your help, and miracles happens you can't explain. That's kindness in the universe at work surrounding you.''

Another commented, ''The facial expression for thank you is the same in every language.''

A third said, ''Costs us absolutely nothing to be kind sometimes and it will keep paying out with little squirts of "make me feel good" moments for the rest of our lives.''

A fourth added, ''Omg this has to be the most beautiful thing I've seen in so long.''

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