This Article is From Jul 06, 2022

Watch: Friends Were Celebrating With Firecrackers, Then All Hell Broke Loose

An entire box of firecrackers goes up in flame and the people are seen running away from the scene. But their conduct angered Reddit users.

Watch: Friends Were Celebrating With Firecrackers, Then All Hell Broke Loose

A huge ball of fire erupts as firecrackers burst.

Firecrackers are commonly used during celebrations because of their sound, sparkle and sudden burst of colours, expressing the festive mood. But people celebrating an occasion with firecrackers have to be extremely careful while bursting and placing them.

A group of family friends learned this the hard way, according to a video going viral on social media.

Originally posted on Reddit with the title "Damn good finale", the 31-second video shows a group of people celebrating by bursting firecrackers. While men are busy lighting the fuse, women are seen lounging around with the children.

As the video progresses, one person lights the fuse of what appears to be a rocket, about 10 foot away from a huge box of firecrackers which they brought with them. The box is kept under a car parked nearby.

The rocket goes off with minor sparkles and the men start discussing what was wrong with the firecracker and how they should light up the next one. Suddenly, one of the sparks land in the boxful of firecrackers leading to a big explosion.

The children standing around the boxes jump away and alert women immediately pick up the little ones. There is a pause and the family appears to be relieved that everything's over.

One of the men in the group goes near the firecracker box to check if everything is fine. He spots one of the sparks inside the box and tries to run away, warning others too. But all hell breaks loose and fuses of nearly all the firecrackers catch fire, resulting in a huge ball of fire just underneath the car.

The people are seen running away from the scene, but their conduct angered Reddit users.

"Good idea. Where should we light them? Right there in the grass. 10 feet from the box with all the fireworks, 10 feet from the people, and 10 feet between the box and the people," said one of the users.

"Put it right under the fuel tank, that'll protect it," added another.

The video has received more than 10,000 votes and nearly 600 comments.

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