Watch: 2 Sikh Politicians In Canada Had A Bhangra Dance-Off For A Good Cause

Watch their wonderful performance

Watch: 2 Sikh Politicians In Canada Had A Bhangra Dance-Off For A Good Cause

Jagmeet Singh (left) and Navdeep Bains (right) had a dance-off for charity.

Jagmeet Singh and Navdeep Bains are today perhaps the two most recognizable Sikh political figures in Canada. While Jagmeet Singh is a leader in the New Democratic Party, Navdeep Bains is serving as Canada's Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development for the ruling Liberal Party. However, recently the two possible future PM candidates cut across party lines and came together for a good cause.

At a fundraising event organised by Seva Food Bank - a service run by Sikhs to ensure food security for low-income families - the two promised to engage in a dance-off if the charity met its goal of raising 50,000 Canadian dollars.
When the Seva Food Bank managed to meet its goal of raising over Rs 26 lakh for charity, the two leaders kept their promise and engaged in a friendly bhangra dance-off.

Jagmeet Singh started the dance-off with some traditional bhangra moves, and Navdeep Bains soon joined in, even showing off some running man moves to thunderous applause.

Watch their spectacular performance below:

Shared on Saturday, the video has already been viewed over 11,000 times on Facebook.

Mr Singh and Mr Bains are not the only Canadian leaders to be fond to bhangra. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been known to show off his bhangra skills at Indo-Canadian events, most recently at the Canada House in Delhi during his visit to India.
And in case you were wondering who between Jagmeet Singh and Navdeep Bains won the dance-off, let us tell you that the Seva Food Bank confirmed that it was a tie. "Best non-partisan highlight of the evening and it was a tie!" they wrote on Facebook.

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