This Article is From May 24, 2023

Viral Video Shows Dog Riding Bike Wearing A Helmet, Internet Says "Lesson For Humans"

The video has received nearly 1 lakh views and several likes on Twitter.

Viral Video Shows Dog Riding Bike Wearing A Helmet, Internet Says 'Lesson For Humans'

A dog wearing a helmet.

A bike rider and a pillion passenger wearing helmets while riding is a common sight in everyday traffic, but a man riding a bike while keeping a dog wearing a helmet as a pillion passenger is something unusual.

The internet is going crazy about a video of a dog riding a bike as a passenger that was posted yesterday by the Twitter account @PMN2463.

Watch the video here:

The video was shared with a caption that read, "Rule is rule."

You can see in the video that a human is riding a bike while wearing a helmet, and that a black Labrador is sitting behind him, also donning a helmet. On the back seat of the bike, the dog is sitting straight with its front two paws on the rider's shoulders. The dog's posture makes it appear as though a human is sitting there rather than a dog.

Despite being outdated, this video is currently trending on social media.

The reactions of viewers to this video are mixed; some are expressing displeasure, while others are thanking the person for caring for the dog so well.

"I legit thought it was some lady with long hair until the biker went near them," commented a user.

"If you love someone, you care for them," wrote another user.

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