Viral Video: Parents Throw Fancy Dinner Party For Kids During Lockdown

"Wonderful parenting right there!" wrote one Twitter user.

Viral Video: Parents Throw Fancy Dinner Party For Kids During Lockdown

Ben Moore threw his two children a fancy dinner party during coronavirus lockdown.

Parenting is tough at the best of times. In the midst of a lockdown and with schools shut, however, most parents are having a tougher time than usual. One dad, however, found the perfect way to deal with "isolation and going nuts" as he teamed up with his wife to throw their two kids a fancy dinner party. 

A video of British journalist Ben Moore serving his son and daughter on a table set up with fancy dishes, candles and flowers is receiving a lot of love online. The UK has imposed a lockdown in the country to contain the spread of coronavirus. 

"We had a hard week like most families juggling working from home and home schooling, so the wife and I decided to have a date night on Saturday. The kids soon got wind of this and wanted to make us dinner and serve us... which would've been a disaster, so we switched it around," the reporter said to BBC

The video shows Mr Moore, dressed as a waiter, serving his son some fine "March 2020" milk in a wine glass and helping his daughter cut the chicken. 

Since being posted on Twitter on Sunday, the video has collected 2.6 million views and hundreds of impressed comments. 

"Wonderful parenting right there!" wrote one Twitter user. 

"Model parenting, however you should have served the milk from the right thereby not leaning across the diner. You just can't get the staff these days," quipped another. 

"Haha that's excellent - so cute!" a third added. 

Mr Moore said that it was "lovely" to see how many people had a chuckle because of the video. 

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