This Article is From Aug 13, 2021

Viral Video: Dangerous Stunt Lands Mumbai Motorcyclists In Trouble

Both the accused have been booked for dangerous and rash driving, Mumbai Police said.

Viral Video: Dangerous Stunt Lands Mumbai Motorcyclists In Trouble

Two motorcycle riders in Mumbai have been booked for performing a dangerous stunt.

Mumbai Police has shared a video of the motorcycle stunt that landed two riders in trouble. The riders have been booked for rash and dangerous driving and their license has been suspended, the department wrote while sharing the video on social media. 

In the short clip, the two men are seen riding the bike with no helmets. They appear to be lip syncing to a song as they move along the road. Then, as part of the stunt, the man riding pillion enacts stabbing the driver, who then flings him off the bike. The video ends with the driver himself pretending to fall on the road as a curious bystander looks on in amazement.

Sharing the clip, Mumbai Police used the words of Aqua's hit 'Barbie Girl' song to issue a warning to all wannabe stunt riders. 

"Attention barbie girl, it's the real world Life isn't plastic- safety's fantastic!" the police department reminded viewers. They added that both the accused have been booked under section 279 of IPC and MVA sections for dangerous and rash driving.

Take a look at the video below:

The video has gone viral with thousands of views on Twitter and Instagram.

"Oh the Barbie girl song was very famous hit track in my teenage days, Mumbai police you are nowadays so entertaining also," wrote one Twitter user.

"Great work, Mumbai Police," another said while criticising the bike riders for making roads unsafe for everyone.

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