Viral: US Politician 'Removes' Glasses He's Not Wearing, Twitter Laughs

We've all been there

Viral: US Politician 'Removes' Glasses He's Not Wearing, Twitter Laughs

With just one move, Senator Orrin Hatch has lit up Twitter.

We've all done silly things on autopilot, but thankfully, ours haven't been caught on camera for millions to see and laugh at. An unthinking, automatic action has made a US senator the subject of many jokes. Utah Republican Orrin Hatch went viral on Twitter on Tuesday when he reached out for a pair of glasses he wasn't wearing - and, instead of realising his error, then proceeded to 'remove' them. According to CNN, this 'iconic moment' happened during a contentious Senate Judiciary Committee hearing with Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.

It instantly went down in the Internet hall of fame:
If the 83-year-old was fazed by his non-existent glasses, he certainly did not show it. He continued his speech as if nothing had happened.

In fact, in a very sporting move, he later followed it up with a hilarious tweet.
Of course, his office later confirmed that it was a joke and the senator had actually forgotten his glasses that morning.
Since being tweeted about 20 hours ago, Mr Hatch's video has been 'liked' over 1.7 lakh times and retweeted over 64,000 times. People can't stop laughing at it.
Many have also shared they do the exact same thing on autopilot
According to The Hill, Matt Whitlock, Orrin Hatch's communications director, chalked up the funny moment to 'muscle memory. "He forgot them at home, so it was simply muscle memory to reach to take them off before his questioning began," said Mr Whitlock.

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