This Article is From Oct 14, 2017

This Brainteaser Is Leaving People Quite Confused. Can You Solve It?

Ready? Your time starts now...

This Brainteaser Is Leaving People Quite Confused. Can You Solve It?

Since being shared on October 8, the post collected has over three lakh comments.

Every few weeks, a new brainteaser appears on social media that leaves people thoroughly confused and searching for probable answers. This week, the puzzle that's taken over Facebook is a picture problem that begs people to solve it. So, that's what many on Facebook are doing. And if you love to solve puzzles too, this one is right up your alley.

Posted by Facebook user and fitness enthusiast Melissa Wardie, the puzzle shows a sequence of four equations. It requires you to find a pattern in the equations and solve the last one based on the three above it. What makes it tricky is that the equations show objects that have certain values assigned to them. So, in order to solve the equation, one must figure out the value of the object correctly.

Ready to solve the question? Well, your time starts now...

Since being shared on October 8, the post has collected some 14,000 reactions and more than 10,000 shares. The post has over three lakh comments - and still very much counting.

What makes this puzzle so interesting or confusing is the changing pattern of the objects. Notice how the last equation shows three bananas instead of four like in the equations above it. Or how the clock shows a different time in the last question?

Keeping this in mind, the most popular answer in the comments section on Facebook seems to be 38.

"Answer is 38, you can count that there's 3 bananas in each of the bunches at the bottom, the clock is pointing at 2, and the hexagon w/ a Pentagon inscribed in it totals 11 corners. 2+3+(3x11)= 38," explains one Facebook user, not unlike many others.

Several comments also say the answer is 67 or 35 even.

"If you're counting the sides of the geometry the answer is 38. But you look at it as each geometric symbol equals 5 then your answer is 35. So interpretation is everything! Lol," explains another Facebook user.

Others couldn't help share their thoughts on this problem.   

"Oh no, not another one!" says one commenter. "Makes my brain hurt," says another.

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