This Article is From May 21, 2018

Thief Breaks Into House, Family Dog Follows Him Around Wagging Its Tail

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Thief Breaks Into House, Family Dog Follows Him Around Wagging Its Tail

CCTV footage captured the pet dog following the thief around.

Dogs are funny and loyal and cute, but sometimes they can also be quite silly, as amply demonstrated by this one. When a burglar broke into a house in Massachusetts, USA, earlier this month, the trusting family dog simply followed him around wagging its tail. A video shared by the Milton Police Department shows the happy pup failing royally in its duty as watch dog.

"On May 7th, a little before 1:30 PM, a home on Brook Road in East Milton was broken into by the subject depicted in this video," wrote Milton Police Department in a Facebook post.

The video shows the unidentified man - wearing tan cargo pants, a striped shirt and hat - entering through the rear door of the house and walking through the kitchen to the rooms inside. CCTV footage shows the family dog following him around.

Watch the video below:

"He realized there were cameras in the house while committing the crime as he covers his face upon exiting the home," wrote the police.

The burglar also remembered to put the dog back inside while exiting the house.

Many on Facebook have defended the dog, saying that he obviously knew the suspect and that the robbery was an inside job.

"That dog knows him or is the worst" watch dog" in history," writes one user on Facebook. "I reckon dog was involved, inside job for sure!" jokes another.

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