These Unpopular Opinions On Desi Food Are Dividing Twitter

These opinions on everything from biryani to jalebi are dividing Twitter

These Unpopular Opinions On Desi Food Are Dividing Twitter

"Biryani is overrated," wrote one person on Twitter as part of the 'unpopular opinion' meme.

You may have already heard of the 'unpopular opinion' meme that has been doing the rounds of Twitter. The premise is simple: One person invites others to share their controversial or polarising opinions on a certain topic to start a conversation. Trouble is, these unpopular opinions often lead to heated arguments and debates on the microblogging website. So when one user asked others to share their unpopular opinion on desi food, it wasn't surprising to see things get heated up.

As people tweeted on everything from jalebi to biryani to dosa, others sought to change their opinions.

The tweet soon led to a barrage of opinions flooding Twitter. Take a look at some of them below:

Some people professed their dislike for mithai

One person chose pulao over biryani

And others began to brand biryani as overrated

"North Indian food as a whole is overrated," stated one Twitter user

And soon others started sharing their take on Indian food

The humble raita also elicited a ton of responses

And so did a lot of other fruits, vegetables, dishes and regional cuisines

Which of these unpopular opinions do you actually agree with? Let us know using the comments section below.



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