This Article is From Mar 08, 2023

"The Toll Tax Collector": Elephant Stops Truck To Eat Sugarcane In A Viral Video

The elephant approaches the load in the back of the truck as it stops, grabs a few sugarcane sticks, and starts feasting on them.

'The Toll Tax Collector': Elephant Stops Truck To Eat Sugarcane In A Viral Video

The adorable video went viral online.

In India, there are numerous national parks and wildlife refuges where animals can find safety. Throughout the country's forested areas, there are often interactions between humans and animals. Another animal-human connection has been caught on tape in this instance, when an elephant halted a truck so it could consume some sugarcane.

A social media user, Dr. Ajayita, tweeted the video with the amusing caption, "The Toll Tax Collector."

In the short clip, an elephant is seen stopping a truck in the middle of the road, snatching sugarcanes from it, and feasting on them.

The video has so far collected approximately 2,30,000 views, over 1000 retweets, and over 6,000 likes.

Social media users responded to this remarkable animal-human interaction by posting a number of insightful remarks.

One user commented, "The remarkable thing is that it is not greedy. He lets them go after one mouthful from each truck."

Another user wrote, "I love how the people are cooperating rather than just trying to move forward somehow. It seems like they are used to things like these."

"But the truth is that the jambo has been deployed by the quality control cell of the sugar mill to check the sugar content in the canes," wrote a third user.

The signboard in the video that reads "Caution Elephant Crossing" suggests that the incident happened in Thailand, even though the exact location of the video is unknown.

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