This Article is From Jan 15, 2015

The Internet Thinks This 4-Year-Old is Kung Fu Legend Bruce Lee Reborn

The Internet Thinks This 4-Year-Old is Kung Fu Legend Bruce Lee Reborn
If social media is to believed, we've apparently found Bruce Lee's reincarnated form and it is this adorable four-year-old from China. At an age where most play with toys, this little wonder is swinging nunchucks so fast it's almost a blur.

Tiny Bruce_GIF.gif

Over the years, many have tried copying the late Kung Fu legend who, till today, has a loyal fan base and an ever-expanding group of doppelgangers. (Also read: Enter the Double: This Afghani Man Looks Exactly Like Legendary Kung Fu Star Bruce Lee)

But seriouslee (get it? get it?), THIS particular fan has to be the cutest 'incarnation' of Bruce Lee ever. Be it his yellow and black wardrobe from Enter the Dragon, or his nunchuck swirling which is almost an exact move-to-move copy from Game of Death, this pint-sized Bruce Lee has Fists of Fury, just as the late great did.

What's more - he executes the moves perfectly with his back to a TV screen playing the real Bruce's scenes, mind you. Fascinating does not cover it. Not surprisingly, this video has gone viral not just on the web but also on Taiwanese TV channels.

Twitterati too agreed with the common consensus that this could just be Bruce Lee reborn:

Watch this amazing four-year-old in action and judge for yourself. Do you think he is Bruce Lee's reincarnation too?