This Article is From Nov 14, 2018

Surprised Pikachu Is Twitter's Latest Favourite Meme

This Pikachu meme is so relatable

Surprised Pikachu Is Twitter's Latest Favourite Meme

The surprised Pikachu meme has taken over social media.

As every '90s kid will confirm, Pikachu is an icon in itself. The electric type Pokemon - who first appeared in Japan in 1996 as part of the original Pokemon game, and then achieved worldwide fame through the popular 1997 Pokemon anime series - has now entered the age of Internet memes. The latest meme to take over Twitter is known as 'Surprised Pikachu', and it is as funny as it sounds.

The meme uses a screenshot of - you guessed it - a surprised-looking Pikachu from season one of the original anime series, according to Know Your Meme. The premise of the meme is quite simple - a person does something that is sure to have an obvious outcome, and then expresses astonishment at the outcome.

According to Daily Dot, the meme first appeared on Tumblr in September, and then grew in popularity

We collected some of our favourite surprised Pikachu memes for you to laugh at. Take a look:

Meanwhile, a few people also noticed that surprised Pikachu appeared just a few days before the trailer of the live action movie Detective Pikachu dropped.

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