"Still Going To Change The World": Man On Getting Rejected By Stanford University

Many people recounted their stories of being rejected from their dream colleges and expressed empathy with the user.

'Still Going To Change The World': Man On Getting Rejected By Stanford University

Stanford University campus in the United States.

A lot of students wish to study abroad at their dream university. Many people spend countless nights researching, writing essays and applying to various universities. Some students get the opportunity, however, others face rejection. A social media user recently shared that he received a rejection from Stanford  University in the United States. However, he said that despite this setback, he is "still going to change the world".

Amal took to X (formerly Twitter) and shared a screenshot of the rejection letter. He wrote, "I got rejected by @stanford today (I'm still gonna change the world though)." The post was shared on March 31 and received a lot of attention from internet users. People recounted their stories of being rejected from their dream colleges and expressed empathy.

Since being shared, the post has amassed over eight lakh views and four thousand likes on the microblogging platform.

A user commented, "I've been rejected by stanford 3 times in my life lmao don't give up my guy keep going."

Another added, "it's never about where you went, it's about where you're going"

"I got rejected by Stanford in 2013 for the class of 2017.I dropped out of my safety school, joined a fast-growing tech company, and in 2016 I spent a day at Stanford doing campus interviews for the class of 2017--the same students who were picked over me for admission," commented a person.

"I don't know who you are, but i just checked out universal notes and it really has the potential to help the world in a big way. keep up the good work, don't let this define you brother," added a person.

"Sounds like a beginning of a movie. Good luck Amal," wrote a person.

"You don't need Stanford or any other college to do well in life. If you have the drive, which it looks like you do, you can do well in any enviroment. Don't let this bother or affect you!" remarked a person.

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