See Viral 'Then And Now' Celebrity Pics - With A Life Lesson On Aging

"Embrace your years. Be proud of your life lessons," wrote Mini Mathur while sharing the pics.

See Viral 'Then And Now' Celebrity Pics - With A Life Lesson On Aging

Dutch graphic artist Ard Gelinck edits celebrities with their younger selves

Actor and TV host Mini Mathur has borrowed some viral celebrity 'then and now' pics to share an important life lesson. The photographs of various celebrities and noted personalities have been edited to make it appear as if they are standing next to their younger selves. These edits are the work of Dutch graphic artist Ard Gelinck, who is famous for putting iconic figures next to their younger selves in cleverly Photoshopped pics. 

From Barack Obama to Julia Roberts, Queen Elizabeth to Daniel Radcliff, his edits bring several personalities face to face with different versions of themselves.

Mini Mathur used the pictures in a series of Instagram posts to talk about the importance of embracing your years and the life experiences that one collects as they age. 

"Embrace your years. Be proud of your life lessons," she wrote on Instagram.

"We tend to dismiss life experience and send people to the finish line too soon. Whereas I feel the real magic is just beginning! 

"I just loved seeing these brilliant actors in this 'now and then' edit and in most cases.. I like the NOW more somehow. As is true for most friends who I know and love."

Her thoughts were echoed by her friend and actor Shruti Seth, who wrote on Instagram that to her, the pictures symbolised aging gracefully.


"I hope that we can all accept our fine lines, our laugh lines and our worry lines because they tell us stories about the times we've enjoyed," Shruti wrote.

Comparing her present self to her past, she added: "I'm much more stronger, richer, successful, wiser, kinder and smarter than my younger self but I love her for being silly and reckless and foolish all the same."

"Love all parts of yourself through the years," Shruti Seth wrote in conclusion to her Instagram post.

"Best post, so beautifully done, I am in awe," wrote one person in the comments section, complimenting the note she penned. "Amazing," another said.

Ard Gelinck has over 2.9 lakh followers on Instagram, where he regularly shares these edits. You can check out his work here.

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