Scottish Dog Sets World Record For Piggy Bank Coin-Dropping

Leo, a cocker spaniel from Aberdeen, managed to impress judges by dropping 23 10p coins in the piggy bank in just 60 seconds.

Scottish Dog Sets World Record For Piggy Bank Coin-Dropping

Cocker spaniel Leo wowed the Guinness World Record judges.

Leo, a two-year-old working cocker spaniel who loves learning and doing tricks, is now a world record holder. Leo is a talented dog from Scotland with unusual skills, and he earned the World Record by using his mouth to deposit 23 coins into a piggy bank in 1 minute.

According to the Guinness World Record, the most coins deposited into a piggy bank by a dog in one minute is 23 and was achieved by Leo, owned by Emily Anderson (UK), in Aberdeen, Grampian, UK, on February 24, 2023.

The news was shared on Leo's Instagram page with a caption that reads, "Leo has some very special news to share. He is now officially a Guinness World Record holder! He managed to put 23 10p coins in his piggy bank in one minute. Thank you to everyone who helped make it happen; there is a mammoth amount of paperwork and evidence required!"

The post received several likes and comments, with social media users writing how they admire the cute dog.

"Congratulations, cutie; I'd swallow them; you're such a good boy for not eating the coins, Leo," commented a user.

"Congratulations on the relationship and having fun together. The world record is just an add-on," wrote another user.

Appreciating the speed at which Leo worked, a third user commented, "Wow!! That is speed! Leo just raised the bar high! Congratulations, and well done!

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