"Respect Each Religion": R Madhavan Shuts Down Troll Who Commented On His Family Pic

"I respect each religion as my own," wrote Madhavan

'Respect Each Religion': R Madhavan Shuts Down Troll Who Commented On His Family Pic

A picture shared by R Madhavan on Instagram.

Actor R Madhavan responded to a Twitter user who questioned him over a crucifix in his family photograph with a powerful message. "I respect each religion as my own," wrote Madhavan, replying to the Twitter user who asked why he had a "cross" in his prayer room.

On Thursday, Madhavan had shared a photograph of himself with his father and son on Instagram. "Wish you all a very happy INDEPENDENCE DAY, RAKSHA BANDHAN AND AVANI AVITTAM. Prayers for peace and prosperity for ALL in this world continues," he wrote while sharing the photograph.

The Twitter user posted the photograph and wrote: "Why do they have a a cross in the background?"

Madhavan replied, "I really don't care about respect from the likes of you. I hope you get well soon. Surprised that in u r sickness you did not see the Golden temple pic there too and asked if I converted to Sikhism. I have blessing form the Dargas there too and blessing from all religious places around the world. Some gifted and some bought."

The 49-year-old actor said his residence is a "home to staff from all faiths and we pray at a common alter."

The 3 Idiots actor also said he had been taught right from childhood to "respect each and every faith, belief and religion".

He had prayed at dargahs, gurudwaras and churches when "a temple was not around," he wrote.

Read his full statement here:

Since being shared online on Friday, his tweet has collected over 5,000 'likes' and a ton of comments, with many praising him for rejecting bigotry.

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