This Article is From Mar 22, 2023

Projector Screen Made From A Bedsheet: Woman's Desi 'Jugaad' Wins Hearts

Internet users are impressed by this creative solution for a makeshift projector screen created using a besheet.

Projector Screen Made From A Bedsheet: Woman's Desi 'Jugaad' Wins Hearts

A projector screen was created using a white bedsheet.

Indians are renowned for developing quick, affordable, and practical solutions to challenging issues. This ability is often referred to as Jugaad in colloquial terms.

This technique of employing creativity and talent to solve problems quickly, perform repairs, or create new things out of inexpensive, everyday stuff often makes life easier.

Recently, a YouTuber shared a few images of a jugaad created in his house by his wife, and people on social media are praising the pictures.

With a bedsheet from their home, his wife made a projector screen that worked fine for them.

YouTuber known as Geeky Ranjit wrote, "Jugaad: I was telling my wife we can install a rollable motorized projector screen in the room; it will cost around Rs 20-25,000. She pulled out this sheet with four clips and said, "Watch this!"

The images of this non-conventional, frugal innovation gained instant popularity and brought nearly 5,000 views to the tweet. With a lot of individuals making insightful comments about them.

"Homemade jugaad rocks over other stuff! "As we hear, also, I have had similar experiences; all the best convincing her for the real setup," commented a user.

"I could have told you the same thing, but I understand where the statement is coming from. SastaJugaad is ok for the time being, but nothing competes with the original technology," wrote another user.

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