Pic Of "Upside Down" Peas Leaves The Internet Completely Baffled

"Wow that makes my eyes hurt," wrote one person on Twitter

Pic Of 'Upside Down' Peas Leaves The Internet Completely Baffled

A picture of a plate of food with "upside down" peas has gone viral online.

How can peas be upside down? Peas are round.

If that is what you thought after reading the headline, wait till you see the picture that has everyone scratching their heads. The picture, that made its way to Twitter and Reddit on Monday, has most viewers completely baffled. It shows a plate of food with a pie, some fries and a side of green peas that appear - strangely enough - to be upside down.

The peas are upside down from r/mildlyinfuriating

The picture left a lot of netizens wondering why anyone would bother to Photoshop just the peas on a plate.

"For me, the anxiety comes from trying to think of the logic behind Photoshopping that and the events that led to it. It's not even horribly done!" wrote one person in the comments section on Reddit.

Others tried to fix the plate of food.

"The fact that they messed up a simple Photoshop edit infuriates me. Just flip it right side up and then mirror it and viola! It's fixed," wrote one Reddit user.

Most people, however, wrote about how unsettling the picture was for them.

One person on Reddit explained how the peas looked upside down for those who couldn't figure it out.

"If the picture was correct, the front peas should be the ones lower in the picture. It means that you should be able to see them completely and they'd cover some part of the peas behind them (and higher in the picture). The lower peas are covered by the ones higher than them, because they're behind, but it should be the opposite," explained 'rfreitaz'.

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