This Article is From May 07, 2018

Woman Dragged To Court, Neighbours Say She Sings "Like A Drowning Cat"

There's a thin line between singing and screeching - and this woman apparently crossed it

Woman Dragged To Court, Neighbours Say She Sings 'Like A Drowning Cat'

A woman has been banned from singing in her flat after her neighbours complained (Representational Image)

A woman in the United Kingdom's Norwich has been banned from singing - inside her own home - after her neighbours complained she sounded "like a drowning cat". They even dragged the woman, reportedly in her late forties, to to court last year. 

The woman was served with a 24-month Criminal Behaviour Order in December last year, banning her from singing "at a volume which can be heard from outside her property," reports Eastern Daily Press. But her neighbours allege she has since breached the order thrice this year.

Eastern Daily Press quotes a witness, who lives two floors above the woman's ground-floor flat, as saying she was watching TV with headphones on when she heard her singing. 

"I could hear screeching and screaming," the woman reportedly said.

Daily Mail quotes a second witness - who lives 40 metres away from her - as saying he heard "erratic opera singing."

"She sounds like a drowning cat to be honest," the man reportedly said.

The man managed to record some of the loud singing on his mobile phone. One of his recordings was even played in court, reports Eastern Daily Press.

The woman has been found guilty of breaching the order and a no-bail warrant has been issued for her arrest.

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