This Article is From May 26, 2021

"Dating Tips From Nani": Actor's Video With His Grandmom Is An Insta-Hit

The fun video was shared by actor Kunal Bhan with his maternal grandmother

'Dating Tips From Nani': Actor's Video With His Grandmom Is An Insta-Hit

Actor Kunal Bhan teamed up with his grandmother for a video on love and dating.

Dating in the age of the Internet can be a challenge in itself and the pandemic has only made things worse. If you think you need some advice before you plunge into the world of dating and relationships again, actor-model Kunal Bhan has a special video for you. No, he is not the star of the video and he is not doling out tips to impress your significant other. The actor, who describes himself as “a dating noob”, is seen taking advice from his nani. The grandmother is seen as a “love guru” in the clip that was shared recently on the Instagram page of Humans Of Bombay.

The caption read, “Bring out your notepads, Kunal Bhan's nani is teaching us how to ace the dating game!” The video shows the grandmother dishing out dating advice. The first tip says, “Don't underestimate the power of flowers on a first date.” She follows this up with, “Being chivalrous will never go out of style.”

For the third tip, the grandmother says, “Don't be on your phone while on a date.”

With the fourth tip, she shatters some gender stereotypes and says, “Cook for her! The way to a woman's heart is also through her stomach.”

For her last piece of advice, she asks women to not put up with ghosting. The granny adds, “Always text back. And ladies, if he doesn't, BLOCK HIM! Ghosting isn't cool.”

The fun video featuring Mr Bhan and his nani seems to have resonated with social media users. Several followers left heart emojis in the comment section. One user wrote, “Best reel on gram today.” Another said, “This is so wholesome.”

Watch the video here:

The video has gone viral with almost 7 lakh views and dozens of comments on Instagram. 

Mr Bhan's grandmother is a regular feature in his Instagram videos. In fact, the Sanjivani actor also posts a series titled, “Pick up lines with my grandmother.” The videos usually feature Mr Bhan trying out a cheesy pickup line, only to be left tongue-tied by his grandmother's savage comebacks.

Take a look.

In one of the clips, Mr Bhan was also seen asking followers for suggestions to beat his grandmother's sassy takes. “She's getting better at this. Need suggestions,” he wrote.

Well, we are team nani. Tell us what you think about this duo.

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