Nagpur Police's "Travel Contest" Will Help Decide Your Next Vacation Spot

"Calculate your next travel destination," wrote Nagpur Police on Twitter.

Nagpur Police's 'Travel Contest' Will Help Decide Your Next Vacation Spot

Nagpur Police's travel contest comes with a catch.

The coronavirus-induced lockdown seems to have upended all travel plans for the foreseeable future. While domestic flights have resumed, people are being advised to stay indoors as much as possible and only travel for essential reasons to contain the spread of the highly infectious virus. International flights, meanwhile, will remain suspended till July 31. In the midst of this, Nagpur Police came up with a fun game to help you decide your next travel destination. 

This morning, Nagpur Police took to Twitter to share a "travel contest" with their followers, inviting them to "calculate" their next travel destination. 

The department shared a list of global destinations with a number next to each one. Next, they asked people to pick any number between 1 to 9 and multiply it by 3. Add 3 to the answer you get and multiply by 3 again, they wrote. Then, add the digits of the resulting number together.

"The number you get is where you will travel to," they wrote while sharing a list of destinations, which places New Zealand at number 1, Mexico at 2, Canada at 3 and so on.

Take a look and calculate your next travel destination with the help of Nagpur Police:

Did you get "Stay at home" on number 9? So did everyone else who attempted this. 

The hilarious trick from Nagpur Police left social media users in splits. Many praised the police department for coming up with a fun way to urge people to stay home amid the pandemic.

The coronavirus pandemic has crippled the tourism and hotel industry across the world. Goa opened its doors for domestic tourists on July 2 for the first time since the nationwide lockdown was announced in March.

"The start on 25 May of flights is very encouraging and it is only logical that the other constituents of the industry are allowed to function. People need to stay somewhere when they travel. When the wheels of the industry start moving, only then we can contribute to the economy," Deep Kalra, founder of travel-booking website MakeMyTrip, said while talking about the travel and tourism sector.

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