From "Moye Moye" To "Just Looking Like A Wow": Memes That Dominated Google Search In 2023

From "Moye Moye" to "Just looking like a wow", the trends not only broke the internet but also provided a provided good laugh to internet users amid mundane life situations.

From 'Moye Moye' To 'Just Looking Like A Wow': Memes That Dominated Google Search In 2023

Google released a list of the top memes of the year.

Everyone enjoys a good meme. All of us love to share and watch entertaining posts online, most of which are relatable or hilarious. As the year comes to a close, Google released the top memes of the year that dominated internet searches in India. From "Moye Moye" to "Just looking like a wow", the trends not only broke the internet but also provided a provided good laugh to internet users amid mundane life situations. 

Here is a list of top memes of the year:

1. Bhupender Jogi 

Bhupendra Jogi first gained attention during a candid conversation with a journalist in 2018 ahead of the election in Madhya Pradesh. In the video, a man (Mr Jogi) claimed that the roads in his state are better than those in the United States. The journalist then asks the man's name, to which he replies "Bhupendra Jogi". The journalist then requests him to name a few places he has been in the US. To this, Mr Jogi replies with his name again. This straightforward introduction made Bhupendra Jogi an overnight internet sensation in 2018. And now as the video has recently resurfaced on social media, it has made Mr Jogi popular yet again.

2.   Just Looking Like A Wow

 The "Just Looking Like a Wow" meme started with a video of a woman named Jasmeen Kaur enthusiastically selling salwar suits on Instagram. In the video, Kaur repeatedly uses the phrase "just looking like a wow" to describe the clothes, and her infectious energy and excitement quickly made the video go viral. Ms Kaur's sales pitch was simply hilarious. She used a variety of exaggerated expressions and gestures to describe the clothes, and her enthusiasm was contagious. Ms Kaur was simply herself, and people appreciated her authenticity. The meme quickly spread beyond Instagram and onto other social media platforms. People began using the phrase to describe everything, from their favourite outfits to their everyday activities. Several celebrities and cricketers have shared reels on the same.

3. Moye Moye 

This viral sensation originated from a Serbian song that gained massive traction on TikTok and subsequently spread to various social media platforms. The hit song 'Moye More' was officially released by the name 'Dzanum', by Serbian singer-songwriter Teya Dor and has amassed over 57 million views on YouTube, accompanied by thousands of pop culture references.  The lyrics of the song hint at anguish, despair and nightmares. However, in India, the Instagram reels on the song differ as they are mostly humorous, with elements of laughter and enjoyment. The videos featuring the song, are mostly about one character who is devoid of a body part. But when someone points out and realises the missing hand or leg, the rest of the characters break into a 'Moye Moye'. 

4. Aayein 

Aditya Kumar, a sixth-grader from Bihar, was featured in a video that went viral on social media because of his amusing answers when asked what his favourite subject was. The student's amusing proclamation of "Aayein" has become a widely shared meme that has made several people laugh on social media platforms. The meme, which portrayed a boy who perfectly captured the essence of Indian colloquial language, brought a touch of culture to the realm of humour.

5. Aukaat Dikha Di 

The phrase "Aukat dekha di" gained popularity as a way to express astonishment and unexpected disclosures. This meme gained prominence because it captured the element of surprise and kept the audience laughing.

The top 10 also featured the memes "Ohio," "The Boys," "The Waffle House New Host," and "Smurf Cat." There was also the "Elvish Bhai" meme, which was based on Bigg Boss OTT winner Elvish Yadav. 

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