"More Than My Entire Education": Man Shares Playschool's Rs 4.3 Lakh Fees

There are four terms spanning from April 2024 to March 2025, each requiring a fee payment of Rs 98,750.

'More Than My Entire Education': Man Shares Playschool's Rs 4.3 Lakh Fees

The user stated that playschool fee exceeds the total expenses he incurred for his education.

A resident of Delhi recently took to social media platform X to express his concern about the excessively high fees charged by his son's playschool. He stated that the yearly cost of his son's playschool is greater than the total amount he paid for his own education.

Akash Kumar, a chartered accountant by profession and actively engaged in full-time trading, posted a screenshot of the playschool's fee structure along with a caption that reads, "My son's playschool fee is more than my entire education expense. I hope vo ache se khelna seekhle yaha! (I hope he learns to play properly here.)"

For the academic year 2024-25, the fee structure for the educational institution includes a one-time non-refundable registration fee of Rs 10,000 and an annual recurring fee of Rs 25,000. Additionally, there are four terms spanning from April 2024 to March 2025, each requiring a fee payment of Rs 98,750. Summing up all these components, the total fee for the academic year amounts to Rs 4,30,000.

The post instantly went viral and has garnered nearly 1 million views by now, with numerous users commenting on it.

"How different is education? Does the fee guarantee any good education or upbringing? If not, are you just paying for facilities?" commented one user.

"Many multinational companies are paying less than this as an annual salary to freshmen. I want AI to disrupt this industry," wrote another user.

"Recently, I discussed this trend with a friend who owns a high-end school with luxurious amenities. I asked if he really thinks fancy buildings or facilities are needed for children's education. He explained that it wasn't really a matter of our preference but rather that of the parents. Parents often ask why their school lacks amenities offered elsewhere (at other expensive schools). This pressure creates a constant need to upgrade and stay competitive. However, he emphasised that for the best education, what truly matters is having the best teachers, not lavish infrastructure," commented a third user.

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