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Meet Matt Nelson, The Man Behind 'We Rate Dogs'

Matt Nelson is the founder of WeRateDogs that has given him a dream career

Meet Matt Nelson, The Man Behind 'We Rate Dogs'

Talking about cute animals has always been a great way to start a discussion. Now, they even assist in the creation of popular social media profiles. Pets, particularly dogs, have been popular since the dawn of viral memes, to the point where developers have dedicated a whole cryptocurrency ecosystem to a breed of hunting Japanese dogs known as Shiba Inu. It was an instant hit with investors, resulting in a flurry of virtual coins on the same theme. But did you know that dogs can help you earn six figures even if you are not that tech-savvy?

Twitter has shared the profile of Matt Nelson, popularly known as @dogfather, who has dedicated himself to rating dogs. Twitter said Mr Nelson was the founder of WeRateDogs, which has given him a dream career.

Mr Nelson was quick to notice that his tweets about dogs would return better engagement than other content, so he started the WeRateDogs handle. As the number of followers grew, he began monetising the handle by offering stickers, hats, hoodies. Now, he has a full e-commerce store. Next came a publishing deal for a book and calendars.

Twitter Media has rated Mr Nelson 13/10, just the way he rates dogs.

The tweet has been an instant hit with nearly 8,000 likes and a plethora of comments, praising the work Mr Nelson does.

The WeRateDogs handle, too, responded to the tweet.

“Congrats, @dogfather. It is well-deserved—you put a lot of happiness out to the world,” said another user.

Another person thought the “13/10” rating was inadequate for the “dogfather”.

“Nice article. I am so happy for your success and bringing positivity to our TL which is so needed now,” said a third user.

Check some more reactions below:

Mr Nelson told Twitter media that he “was interested in comedy in general” and “wanted to make people laugh”. “Eventually, I honed in on a style and a voice that worked for me,” told Mr Nelson.

He added that after the first puppy he graded, people began tagging the account or sending him messages with photos of their dogs. Mr Nelson had a large following on his personal account, so he used it to promote his new project, and within a week, WeRateDogs had 100K followers. He created a business email for the project, and, soon, the prospects began to open up in front of him.

Here are examples of a couple of gradings done by Mr Nelson:

Now, he works with a team of strategists and writers. He also has a new CEO, named Dough, an 11-year-old German Shepherd.

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