This Article is From May 03, 2017

Man Tweets Indigo About Lost Luggage. 'Glad To Hear That,' They Reply

Man Tweets Indigo About Lost Luggage. 'Glad To Hear That,' They Reply

Indigo's sincere response to a customer's sarcastic response has Twitter in splits.


  • Roshan Agarwal tweeted about his misplaced luggage to Indigo
  • -Brilliant service,- he wrote sarcastically in his tweet
  • Indigo missed the sarcasm, replied that they were glad to hear that
New Delhi: Disgruntled customers taking to social media to air their grievances is nothing new, but this one incident takes the cake. On April 29, Twitter user Roshan Agarwal took to the micro blogging site to call out Indigo Airlines for misplacing his luggage. While Mr Agarwal flew to Calcutta, his luggage was sent to Hyderabad. "Brilliant service," he writes in his tweet sarcastically. Someone on Indigo's social media team, however, failed to spot the sarcasm and replied very sincerely to Mr Agarwal's irritated tweet.
"Glad to hear that," said Indigo in a tweet that has since been deleted, but not before netizens took screenshots.

Predictably, people of Twitter facepalmed very hard at this oversight on Indigo's part.
In no time at all, in fact, the exchange between Mr Agarwal and Indigo Airlines went viral on WhatsApp.
On Twitter, the exchange has been retweeted over one hundred times, and counting.

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