Plan Your Chhuttis As 2018 Has 15 Long Weekends


Got a case of wanderlust? 2018 is the year for you with 15 long weekends

Book your tickets and explore new places as 2018 has 15 long weekends

New Delhi: It's New Year's Day 2018 and if you've just woken up not knowing what to do, let us give you the agenda for the day and the year. 2017 is over and we hope you made the most of it with vacations, parties and most importantly quality time with yourself. But if you missed out on some travel time in 2017, fret not as 2018 has a lot more to offer with 15 long weekends. Can we get a woohoo? So, if you still have a long list of destinations to check off your bucket list, you'll get plenty of opportunities in 2018. A Dil Chahta Hai-typeroadtrip or an adventurous holiday ala zindagi na milegi dobara, you'll have enough time to satiate that wanderlust in 2018. All you need is some clever planning and a bit of our help. Make sure you apply for leaves and book your tickets as soon as you read this because there will be a mad rush. Psst- If you plan it well, you could have nine days off in November. Hope your travel go-to bag is ready.

Here's the list of long weekends in 2018 in India. So, Carpe Diem

Long weekends in 2018: January

Long weekends in 2018: February

Long weekends in 2018: March

Long weekends in 2018: April

Long weekends in 2018: May

Long weekends in 2018: June


Long weekends in 2018: July

Sorry, you'll have to be at work all of July as it has no long weekends or festivals.

Long weekends in 2018: August

August will give you two big chunks of chhuttis. So, make it count.

Long weekends in 2018: September

Long weekends in 2018: October

Long weekends in 2018: November

Keep November for that long vacay you've been all year long. Go explore a new place as there is no rush with nine leaves at hand.

Long weekends in 2018: December

Even if travelling isn't your thing, you can sit at home, finish your pending errands, plan that long-due reunion with school friends, spend time with family.

Are you all set for 2018?