This Article is From Jan 07, 2023

Kenya Sloan Won $2 Million On A Diamond Dazzler Scratch-Off

A woman who had previously won a million dollar lottery jackpot then played a different game and won considerably more money.

Kenya Sloan Won $2 Million On A Diamond Dazzler Scratch-Off

Kenya Sloan won $2 million on a Diamond Dazzler scratch-off.

After winning a $1 million lottery prize just two months prior, an American woman tried her luck once more and won $2 million on a $20 scratch-off tickets.

Kenya Sloan, 41, of Shelby, North Carolina, made the decision to try a $20 Diamond Dazzler ticket for the first time while she was at a Food Mart.

And she succeeded in her endeavors, winning $2 million. She was stunned by the incredible lottery prize, which caught her off guard.

"I was just standing there in shock. I just feel blessed. That's all I have to say," Ms Sloan stated.

Ms. Sloan said that she had won the Carolina Jackpot scratch-off ticket just two months earlier, and that's what makes this another big prize win more unbelievable.

"I told some of my family members, and they couldn't believe it either," she said.

Ms. Sloan said the money she won from the first jackpot is currently being used to build her home.

She claimed that winning the current prize-which she will use to open her restaurant-was the fulfilment of a dream.

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