This Article is From Jun 25, 2020

K-Pop Band BTS Dances To 'Chunnari Chunnari'. Video Will Make You LOL

BTS dancing to the tune of Bollywood? This mashup is viral.

K-Pop Band BTS Dances To 'Chunnari Chunnari'. Video Will Make You LOL

South Korean group BTS dance to 'Chunnari Chunnari' in a viral mashup.

Over two decades ago, Salman Khan and Sushmita Sen danced their ways into our hearts with Chunnari Chunnari. Today, the hugely popular K-pop band BTS is following in their footsteps - almost. A mashup video of BTS dancing to the song Chunnari Chunnari from the 1999 movie Biwi No 1 is currently going viral on social media, and chances are it will make your jaw drop with its perfect syncing of choreography to music.

The mashup was shared by Instagram account 'Filmforfare' about a week ago, and has since collected over a thousand impressed comments. 

In the mashup video, the seven members of the South Korean boy band are seen grooving to Chunnari Chunnari. The video - actually a clip of the K-pop group's dance practice to Boy With Luv - has been perfectly synced to the catchy tune of Chunnari Chunnari to create a mashup that has left people in splits.

See for yourself:

The video has collected over 1.4 lakh views and over a thousand impressed comments since being shared online.

"This is genius," wrote one Instagram user in the comments section.

"Epic video. Please do more such videos," another requested.

"I can't get over how perfect this is. The last three seconds kill me," a commenter said. 

The mashup video also made it to Twitter, where it has collected thousands of views and impressed reactions. 

BTS, also known as the Bangtan Boys, is a band that was formed in 2010 in Seoul. The group has since gained a global fandom with their award-winning music.  

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