This Article is From Dec 29, 2020

Jugaad In The Time Of Coronavirus: 5 Ideas That Went Viral In 2020

Take a look at five examples of jugaad or creative hacks that went viral on 2020:

Jugaad In The Time Of Coronavirus: 5 Ideas That Went Viral In 2020

Five examples of 'jugaad' that went viral in 2020.

Unique problems call for unique solutions. At the beginning of the year, much of the world went into an unprecedented lockdown to contain the spread of the highly infectious coronavirus. The pandemic changed how we live - social distancing became the norm, many offices moved to work from home, online learning replaced the traditional classroom and, for a few months, every instance of stepping out of the house became an event in itself. As expected, the new normal brought with it a new set of problems - problems with online classes and virtual meetings, problems with shopping for groceries and managing household chores and several other issues that cropped up as people adjusted to life in the pandemic.

Luckily, Indians are nothing if not the masters of jugaad. Across the country, people came up with novel solutions to the problems presented by the new normal. Take a look at five examples of jugaad or creative hacks that went viral on 2020:

Refrigerator tray for online class

How does a refrigerator tray come in handy during an online class? One teacher used the transparent tray to teach her students in a move that was praised for its creativity. She placed the tray on two containers, put her smartphone on top of it and was photographed solving a problem on a piece of paper kept on the table below. The innovative hack removed the need for her to hold her phone in one hand and also allowed students to view the problem as she solved it. 

Hanger tripod

One chemistry teacher from Pune won hearts for her dedication when she crafted a makeshift tripod out of a hanger and two pieces of rope. The tripod held her phone and recorded her as she wrote on a blackboard, allowing her students a clear view of her work during online classes. 

Automatic pani puri machine

In the day and age of no-contact deliveries and social distancing, many people are wary of eating outside. Keeping this in mind, the aptly named 'Touch Me Not Pani Puri' shop in Raipur came up with an innovative solution - an automatic pani puri machine that uses sensors to dispense flavoured water to customers. 

Milk pipe and funnel

In a year defined by the new norm of social distancing, a milkman went viral for his jugaad to deliver milk with minimum contact. He was photographed using a delivery system put together with a pipe and funnel to deliver milk to a customer.

Iron to disinfect cheques

A Bank of Baroda employee working during the pandemic found a creative way to 'disinfect' cheques - using a hot iron kept ready at his desk. A video of his jugaad caught the eye of industrialist Anand Mahindra, who tweeted it out to his 8 million followers. 

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