Twitter Praises Jet Airways Crew Member Who Helped Save Passenger's Life

"Not all heroes wear capes, some wear uniforms!" tweets one person appreciatively.

Twitter Praises Jet Airways Crew Member Who Helped Save Passenger's Life

A Jet Airways staffer who helped a passenger suffering a cardiac arrest is being praised on social media

New Delhi: A Jet Airways crew member who helped a passenger suffering a mid-air medical emergency has been praised for his "heroic" efforts. Another passenger onboard the flight tweeted a photo of the crew member, identified only as Amandeep, saying he worked for "over an hour" to help the passenger. The photo has been retweeted close to 2,000 times in just two days and has earned Amandeep plenty of praise on social media.

Tanveer Ahmed, who is also a national spokesperson for JD(S), wrote on Twitter that while he was onboard a Jet Airways flight from Bengaluru to Delhi, a passenger suffered a cardiac arrest. Immediately, Amandeep rushed to help, working for "over an hour" to ensure the passenger survived. "He literally saved his life," Mr Ahmed tweeted on Thursday. "To me, Amandeep is a hero."  

Jet Airways was quick to respond to Mr Ahmed's tweet, saying the company was "proud" to have Amandeep as part of their crew.

Detailing what happened to NDTV, a Jet Airways spokesperson explained that Amandeep began administering first aid after seeing the unwell passenger. 

"Crew took an update of the guest's medical history from a family member accompanying him and administered medication and oxygen as per the laid down procedures," the spokesperson said, adding a nurse who happened to be travelling on the same flight assisted in keeping the passenger's health in a stable condition.


"Captain of the flight requested for priority landing in Delhi and upon landing, Medanta doctors boarded and checked on the guest," the spokesperson added. The passenger is reported to be in better health now.

Immediately, praised poured in for the Jet Airways staffer.

"At Jet Airways, safety of our guests is a priority, and... is inculcated in the training of all crew members from the very outset," the spokesperson added.Click for more trending news