This Article is From Dec 30, 2020

Jennifer Aniston's Covid-Themed Christmas Ornament Divides Fans

Jennifer Aniston, 53, has divided fans with a coronavirus-themed ornament.

Jennifer Aniston's Covid-Themed Christmas Ornament Divides Fans

Jennifer Aniston shared a picture of the ornament in an Instagram Story.

Jennifer Aniston sparked a debate on social media with a picture of a Christmas ornament. Fans rushed to her defense after a section of the Internet criticised her for sharing a coronavirus-themed Christmas ornament. In an Instagram Story which has now expired, the FRIENDS star shared a picture of the wooden bauble engraved with the words "Our first pandemic 2020". 

Jennifer Aniston, 53, did not add a caption to her post or identify the ornament as hers. However, a number of social media users found the ornament offensive, saying that it made light of the pandemic. Screenshots of the original Instagram Story made their way to other social media platforms, where they quickly divided opinion between those who felt the ornament was insensitive and those who called it sarcasm on Jennifer Aniston's part. 

Some on Twitter called her tone-deaf for sharing the photo. 

"So insensitive to put an ornament saying "pandemic 2020". Innocent lives were lost because of this pandemic," wrote one Twitter user. 

Others, however, rushed to her defense as backlash grew.

Some also pointed out that Ms Aniston had been promoting coronavirus safety and urging people to wear masks. She has also been encouraging her fans to shop at small businesses.

"Jobs are being lost... health care workers are hitting absolute exhaustion. And so many lives have been taken by this virus because we aren't doing enough," she wrote back in July.

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