This Article is From Apr 04, 2023

Japanese Restaurant Bans Customers From Using Smartphones While Dining

To prevent customers from watching videos while they are eating at a well-known ramen eatery in Tokyo, the usage of smartphones has been outlawed.

Japanese Restaurant Bans Customers From Using Smartphones While Dining

The restaurant wants customers to eat quickly and leave. (Representative Image)

Nowadays, the natural flow of every regular human activity is being hampered by the addiction to smartphones. Every outdoor activity that humans have ever engaged in, including going to the movies, walking down the street, and even eating at a restaurant, is gradually being pestered by the communication gadget.

In order to shorten wait times and maintain the quality of the meal, a Japanese ramen restaurant has announced that it will not allow customers to use their phones while dining.

According to CNN, Tokyo restaurant Debu-chan (Japanese for "chubby") has decided to ban customers from using their smartphones while eating during busy times, a move that became a hot topic of conversation on social media in Japan.

"Once, when we were busy, we noticed a customer who didn't start eating for four minutes," says Kota Kai, the owner of the restaurant.

My Kai further stated that the customers generally watch videos on their phones as their food cools off in front of them.

According to the owner, the thin noodles he serves are just one millimetre wide, so they begin to stretch and spoil very quickly. By that logic, waiting four minutes could result in a bad meal.

Debu-chan is on the large side for a Tokyo ramen shop, with 33 seats. However, Kai says it's not unusual to have 10 people waiting in line for a seat at peak hours.

"When the seats are full and I see people stopping to eat while staring at their smartphones, I tell them (to stop)," Kai says.

Experts suggest that smartphone addiction can negatively impact the brain. Smartphone overuse can create unhealthy dependencies that can trigger psychological issues. 

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