Instagrammer Called Out By Own Sister For Fake Hiking Pic

"People will do anything for likes," wrote one person in the comments section

Instagrammer Called Out By Own Sister For Fake Hiking Pic

A picture shared by Carly Sosnowski on Twitter, which shows her sister posing in their backyard.

There have been numerous instances of Instagram influencers being called out for posting fake or edited pictures - none of them as hilarious as this one, where an Instagrammer was called out by her own sister for a staged hiking photograph.

Florida student Casey Sosnowski posted a picture on the photo sharing platform that shows her in active wear, water bottle in hand. According to her post, the picture was clicked during a hike at Lake Okahumpka Park and Trail.

"Nature is the ultimate healer to all our problems," she wrote in the caption, which she later changed.

It all seemed fine and straightforward, until her sister Carly pointed out that the picture was actually clicked in their backyard and not the hiking park, as Casey claimed.


"My sister said she was going hiking.....this is our backyard," wrote Carly on Twitter, sharing a behind-the-scenes photograph that shows Casey in their backyard.

Her tweet, posted last Sunday, has collected over 2.7 lakh 'likes' and thousands of amused comments.

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