In Bengaluru, Indie Pup Pooja Trains To Be Part Of Police Force. Watch

Bengaluru Police Commissioner Bhaskar Rao said that the police had been training Indie dogs as an experiment.

In Bengaluru, Indie Pup Pooja Trains To Be Part Of Police Force. Watch

Pooja, an Indie pup, trains to be a part of Bengaluru Police's canine unit.

A bright little puppy named Pooja, currently training to be part of Bengaluru Police, has captured Twitter's attention. A short video shared by Bengaluru Police Commissioner Bhaskar Rao on Twitter shows the puppy going through various training exercises with her handler - and it has won the canine a number of social media fans.

Mr Rao, while sharing the video on the microblogging platform this evening, revealed that Bengaluru Police has been training Indie dogs to be part of their Police Canine Unit as an experiment. "We are training Indies to be part of our Police Canine Unit as an experiment..." he wrote.

The 44-second video Mr Rao shared shows Pooja high-fiving her handler, sitting and standing on command. Her tail wags happily through the video.

Since being shared online less than an hour ago, the video has already collected nearly 2,000 views and many impressed comments from Twitter users praising both Pooja and the initiative by Bengaluru Police.

For years now, police forces in the country have been training foreign breeds like German shepherds and Labradors to sniff out explosives and work as guard dogs. This is not the first experiment of its kind to recruit Indie dogs. Before this, Uttarakhand Police had trained and recruited a stray dog to its canine unit. In November, the department had revealed that the stray dog was outperforming every other member of the dog squad. And, even before that, in March last year, a stray dog named Asha, rescued by West Bengal police, had emerged as the top dog in an elite bomb- and drug-sniffing squad.


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