This Article is From Jan 30, 2020

How Quickly Can You Find The Lizard Hiding In Plain Sight In This Pic?

This pic has a common sagebrush lizard hiding in it.

How Quickly Can You Find The Lizard Hiding In Plain Sight In This Pic?

Can you find the lizard hiding in this pic?

Every week, Earyn McGee shares a fun game for her 16,000 Twitter followers. The PhD student at the University of Arizona's School of Natural Resources and the Environment is popular on Twitter as the creator of #FindThatLizard - a challenge that is exactly what it sounds like.

Ms McGee shares different pictures on the microblogging platform every week, all of them with a lizard (or lizards) hiding somewhere. The pictures can range from sweeping mountains to forest floors, vast canyons to rocky plains - all with one thing in common - they have a tiny reptile expertly camouflaged in them.

A few hours ago, Ms McGee took to Twitter to share a particularly challenging puzzle that left many Twitter users confused. The picture was clicked by palaeontologist Yara Haridy at the Dinosaur National Park and has a common sagebrush lizard hiding in plain sight.

Take a look and see if you can spot the lizard in this pic:

While some Twitter users managed to find the lizard quickly, others had a tough time.

"There's no lizard here...  Just sticks that look like lizards..." wrote one person. "Took me a third search!" said another. "I really tried to #FindThatLizard, but it is EXTREMELY WELL-HIDDEN!!" a third exclaimed.

Were you able to find the lizard? If not, take a look below for the answer to this puzzle:

This is not the first time a camouflaged reptile has captured social media's attention. Australia's Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers last year shared a picture of a python hidden in a family's verandah and asked their followers to spot it.

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