Man Reveals 27 Kg Pearl, Possibly World's Biggest. It Is Worth...

"Nobody really looked at it ... it doesn't look like a pearl."

A Canadian man has unveiled what is possibly the world's biggest natural pearl ever found. Abraham Reyes, 34, received the Giga Pearl as a family heirloom from his aunt a few years ago, reports CBC. The pearl weighs 27.65 kilograms, which is four times the weight of the Lao-Tzu Pearl, until recently was thought to be the world's largest.

The pearl, almost as big as a baby, is white and cream-coloured. Estimated to be about 1,000 years old, it was hidden inside of a giant clam that Mr Reyes's grandfather bought from a Philippines fisherman as a gift for his aunt back in 1959.

His family didn't know it was worth anything and didn't even realise it was a pearl.

"Nobody really looked at it ... it doesn't look like a pearl," Mr Reyes said to CBC.

When it aunt began offloading her estate in 2016, the pearl came to Mr Reyes, reports the Good News Network. The 34-year-old recently had it examined by geological specialists, who estimated it to be worth between $60 to $90 million!

The Giga Pearl now rests with a 22-carat gold leaf octopus that Mr Reyes had specially commissioned to hold it. Instead of selling the pearl, he wants to share its beauty with the world by putting it on display in various museums and galleries.

"I believe the world should know that it does exist," he tells CBC. "To me, I feel very honored to have it. I feel a great responsibility."

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