This Article is From May 22, 2021

Funniest Zoom Meeting Fails We Saw During The Lockdown

These moments, captured when people believed they were off-camera, gave us a window to their natural behaviour in the real world

Funniest Zoom Meeting Fails We Saw During The Lockdown

A look at some hilarious Zoom fails we saw during the pandemic-induced lockdown.

Zoom and other similar video chat services became the de facto venue for all important meetings as the coronavirus pandemic began sweeping the world early last year. From children to adults, everyone was forced to gradually turn to virtual communication to continue their business and education. However, they soon realised video chats could be tricky to use. Over the past year, there have been multiple instances of people being caught on video making funny mistakes, mainly because they were ill-equipped to transition to this mode of communication as rapidly as others.

These moments — captured when people believed they were off-camera or muted — gave us a window to some behind-the-scenes fun and some hilarious Zoom fails. They have also brought a smile to our faces, even when there's little else to laugh about.

Let's have a look at some of the funniest videos that will make you giggle. They may also offer a few tips on what not to do during video calls with friends or colleagues.

Shirtless on camera: In May 2020, a businessman accidentally appeared naked during a Zoom call with Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro. He apparently forgot to turn his camera off while taking a shower during the video call. A screengrab from the meeting, which was attended by several other officials and businessmen, shows the man without his shirt.

Upside down appearance: A US Republican congressman floated into a Zoom meeting upside down in February this year, drawing laughter from other participants. Representative Tom Emmer did not immediately realise he was appearing upside down to his colleagues and began talking as if nothing was wrong.

Daughter crashes mom's interview: In another video from last year, a child interrupted a live interview on BBC News. Dr Clare Wenham, a global health policy expert from the London School of Economics, was speaking about lockdowns when her young daughter appeared in the background and demanded to know from mother who she was speaking to.

Driving while pretending to work: This month, Ohio State Senator Andrew Brenner tried to conceal he was driving a vehicle during a virtual meeting on introducing laws on dangerous and distracting driving whose consequences can be fatal. The senator tried filters to make it look as if he was at his home during the meeting but the clearly visible seat belt gave away his actual location. He received severe criticism for this.

Where's the unmute button? During a virtual press meet, journalist Robert Peston forgot to press the unmute button before asking a question to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Mr Johnson then alerted him but by the time Peston was ready, the prime minister had moved onto the next question.

Not a great ending to an interview: During a morning TV show, former British PM Gordon Brown was caught slam-shutting his laptop computer. Gordon appeared to be saying something but the programme host did not realise. A little awkward ending to the show.

What has been your most funny Zoom meeting moment? Tell us in the comments section below.

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